About Us:

VIA INDICE S.L. (Hereinafter NICEPRINTS), CIF: B63061642, registered address at Sol, No. 21 of the town of Sant Cugat del Valles (post code 08172) in the province of Barcelona (Spain), with e-mail and phone number 935442416, is the owner of the application "NicePrints" (hereinafter "App").

NICEPRINTS, via the app, provides the services then explained to purchase photo products.

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What is the App "NICEPRINTS":

The "NICEPRINTS" (hereinafter "App") is a tool which aims to organize the photos of the user (hereinafter the Customer) in photographic products such as photo books, calendars, etc. ... and the ordering of any such printed products or paper copies.

How to use the App:

The customer can choose between the following options:

• To order prints of the photographs that Customer considers.

• Compose a new photo album or calendar, to save it on your device with the ability to edit or share.

• Place an order of a photo album or calendar.

Through the application, the customer can manage the following services we provide through NICEPRINTS:

1. Purchase services on prints, photographs to choose either your device or your Dropbox or Facebook account. Customer agrees that has the legal right to use the photographs in this app, and those photographs download from Dropbox or Facebook account to which the user connects.

2. Ordering photo albums or calendars, making a pre-composition with photographs of your device or your Dropbox or Facebook account. Customer agrees that it has the legal right to use the photographs in this app, and those photographs download from Dropbox or Facebook account to which the user connects.

Privacy Policy and commercial communications:

Your data will be processed by the company mentioned above (VIA INDICE SL), with CIF: B63061642, registered office at Sol Street No. 21 in the town of Sant Cugat del Vallés (postal code E-08172) in the province of Barcelona (Spain ), with e-mail and telephone number 935442416.

To enable the above services, the Customer will have to complete a form to provide information and data as it shows. The application will ask the customer personal data necessary for the provision of services offered by App. In this connection please note the following:

a) The Customer is responsible for the accuracy of such information. NICEPRINTS declines any responsibility in the event that the Customer fails to demonstrate the existence and accuracy of such data and documents he informed, as will be requested at the time of delivery of your order. The absence of such documents or their veracity immediately void the right to collection.

b) The data collected by the relevant form to the above services will be handled by NICEPRINTS to manage those services (as have been described before) and to track corresponding to the contractual relationship to provide this particular service as set herein of terms and conditions of employment.

c) Only in the case that you express your consent, NICEPRINTS may send commercial communications, especially through the electronic means that you incorporate in the form. Your data will not be transferred to third parties, except those that are imposed by the current legislation or in case the goodwill of NICEPRINTS relative to the services described above is subject to merger or acquisition.

d) Enrich your information: NICEPRINTS will obtain more information about the characteristics of your device, and the moment of connection to our server, through the information provided by different external sources such as Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics with the aim of introducing improvements in our products and services.

e) Satisfaction survey: NICEPRINTS has a legitimate interest in knowing the degree of satisfaction of its clients, once they have received and enjoyed the product or services that NICEPRINTS has sent them. Therefore, after a few days from the reception of the product, the client will receive an informative email, from a satisfaction survey, totally optional to fill out.

f) Period of conservation of the photographs: the photo files received in each order, are automatically deleted from the NICEPRINTS servers after 21 calendar days.

The Client may exercise their rights (access, rectification, cancellation and opposition) by contacting the Data Manager of NICEPRINTS, at the address of Sol Street No. 21 in the town of Sant Cugat del Vallés (postal code E-08172) in the province of Barcelona (Spain), or by email to Likewise, in all communications made by NICEPRINTS, you will have the option to unsubscribe from this service, or modify your personal data.

Also, in the section "Secure Payment" section that follows below shows the details of the payment gateway.

Steps hiring NICEPRINTS Management Services:

Hiring the Services by the Client starts filling out as you are asked in our various forms. The application is designed to accept not sending data to the form fields have been completed and without the customer has accepted this document CONTRACT TERMS.

Customer requests that the order be sent by courier or post. The Client assumes responsibility at the address provided during the purchase and that there is a person who is capable of sending and receiving evidence by signing the receipt of shipment. Additionally, the client agrees to abide by the following rules:

i. If the Customer does not receive the shipment within 30 working days of purchase, Customer must inform NICEPRINTS through email address and report on the situation of non-receipt, NICEPRINTS so that it may investigate the causes of non-receipt.
ii. In the case, an anomaly in the receipt of the order, the customer has 10 days from the date of receipt of shipment to communicate NICEPRINTS of this anomaly, detailing the nature of it. The communication channel is the one below in the contact section "Contact us if you have questions" that we recommend is canalide mostly through email address for follow up. After this time from receipt of the shipment, the Customer will forfeit any claim option.

Only then that the Customer has ticked the box accepting the terms, you can activate the "SEND" button which will confirm the relevant service activated, sending the corresponding data for why the client is sending with this action NICEPRINTS.

Once confirmed by the Customer's purchase order, the Customer may not cancel or modify it as it is excluded any right of termination of the contract or refund of the price paid by their nature. Thereafter, Customer will receive an email from NICEPRINTS confirmatory. In such cases, the client is obliged to meet the payment. Also note that the default does not automatically mean the perfection of the contract between the Customer and the corresponding NICEPRINTS for purchase.

The Customer, accepting these conditions, given sufficient representation for all management NICEPRINTS necessary that is intended to and / or aimed at the production of the order and shipped.

The Customer shall:

• Provide accurate information to fill in their personal data recording forms and keep them updated so that they respond, at all times, to the actual situation of the Customer.

In any case, NICEPRINTS reserves the right to cancel an order (and, if applicable, extra shipping / collection) by reason of which is not required to show, when it deems necessary for the proper functioning of the service. In this case, NICEPRINTS agrees to reimburse the amount the customer spent, in the days following such notice, such reimbursement can occur at a later date. For such communication NICEPRINTS will send an email to the address provided by the Customer during the relevant recruitment service.

Secure payment :

Customers are advised that all collection and payment operations are performed through Point of Vitual Sale of Catalunya Banc (Catalunya Banc, SA - via a secure server based the standard SSL (ServiRed) through complex procedures ensuring security encryption, confidentiality and data privacy violation against attempts by third parties.

In consequence, and App NICEPRINTS has not data on the number of customer payment card, expiration date and security code.

The only data to be shared between NICEPRINTS and the corresponding financial institutions (ie, Catalunya Banc and the financial institution that is behind the Customer's payment card) and effect to identify, validate and formalize the payment is the amount of the purchase order number on the purchase, and the date and time of the purchase and language.

Reservation of Rights:

NICEPRINTS reserves all rights to intellectual property on the App Therefore, the Customer may only use the app exclusively for NICEPRINTS services.

Law and jurisdiction

These Terms are governed by Spanish law. The parties submit to the resolution of conflicts, and renouncing any other jurisdiction, to the courts having jurisdiction in each case.

If you have questions, contact us:

For any questions or information about these TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF ENGAGEMENT can contact the customer service department at the number 935442416 or via e-mail