Do you have Wi-Fi?
Because of the many options offered by NicePrints Apps, you need to download them with Wi-Fi. If you now do not have this connection, we invite you to try our app NicePrints Lite , also free and smaller version.
Print photos or make a photo album with your favorite photos from your Camera Roll, Dropbox or Facebook. You can also choose a calendar and the month and year of initiation. Order your album or calendar and receive it at home in a professional handmade product.

Save your compositions in the Library and continue editing them whenever you want. You have 60 different themes to choose from.
NicePrints Lite
Print photos directly from your smartphone or tablet, using your Photo Gallery or your Dropbox and Facebook accounts. Once you have selected the images and the size, write in your shipping address and receive the order in a few days.

If NicePrints Lite short stays with you, try NicePrints that also lets you create photobooks and calendars with your photos.
NicePrints Christmas
The Christmas oriented NicePrints App. Create photo albums and calendars with your photos using themes as Santa Claus, the Magi Christmas and many others. Have over 20 different themes!

Customize your 12 pages calendar by choosing the month and year of initiation, the Christmas theme that you like and put as many photos as you want, from 1 to 4 photos per page.